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Abigail Ratchford

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Unlimited earnings.
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We’ll create a fully customized AI version of you that will multiply your reach, and earn money while you sleep

Create ultra realistic content

Infinite personalized content for your fans without lifting a finger

Chat with your fans 24/7

Authentic conversations with all of your fans on autopilot

Phone calls in 30+ languages

Your voice and personality, accessible anytime, anywhere, in any language

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Answers to Your Burning Questions

Foxy AI is an innovative AI platform that allows fans to interact with ultra-realistic AI twins of well-known celebrities and content creators. We use proprietary cutting-edge technology which allows your AI twin to create unlimited content, and interact with millions of fans 24/7 in 30+ languages.

Your AI twin is a digital version of you which closely resembles your appearance, personality, and voice. Your AI twin can independently create content and exchange messages, pictures, calls, and video (coming soon) with your fans without you lifting a finger.

Foxy is a home for all creators - you could be an influencer, adult creator, athlete, artist, and so much more. We've created a safe space where you can express yourself freely.

Your earnings on Foxy are unlimited - the more you promote your AI twin, the more you will earn. You take home 50% of your earnings, and our top creators earn over $100k per month from their AI twins.

It takes around 15-minutes to create your AI twin from start to finish! Then you can share it with your fans, sit back and relax, and earn passive income.

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